Jewelry Steam Cleaner

GemOro’s high-pressure steam cleaners may be used independently or in a two-stage cleaning process with a GemOro ultrasonic. GemOro steamers quickly blast away dirt from those hard to reach places, keeping your jewels and metal watch bands sparkling clean, freshly sanitized and looking showroom new.

Removing harmful germs and bacteria from your jewelry is an invaluable benefit of steam cleaning and is in many cases a neglected step in daily personal hygiene. Steam is an effective sanitizing agent and may be used to clean a variety of items such as: tooth brushes, combs, baby toys, pacifiers, bottles, kitchen utensils, small hardware tools, gun parts, and the list goes on.

The applications are limitless and our professional grade cleaners are proven to remove the toughest dirt, grime, oil, cosmetics and skin care products from your jewelry.

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