GemOro SparklePak Plus


This specially formulated, professional strength jewelry cleaner is truly amazing. Guaranteed to make your jewels sparkle like no other, remarkably restoring its brilliance to showroom-like new condition! Comes in pre-measured, easy to use packets you simply add to water.

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  • Instantly cleans Platinum, Gold, Silver, Metal Watch Bands, Base Metal, Diamonds, Gemstones, Fine Jewelry, Fashion/ Costume Jewelry and more.
  • Includes 10 packets of super-concentrated jewelry cleaner. Combined with water, makes almost 2 gallons of jewelry cleaning solution for you to use and reuse in a variety of applications!


  1. Enhances Ultrasonic Cleaning
    Empty packet into a 1 to 1.5 pint ultrasonic (sold separately) and fill with warm water for the ultimate cleaning results!
  2. Soak Bath Jewelry Cleaning
    Empty packet into a container with a storage lid (not included) and fill with warm water. Allow jewelry to soak in the
    bath and gently scrub with an extra-soft bristle brush (not included) for dazzling results!
  3. Convenient Spray & Wipe Cleaning
    Empty packet into a spray bottle (not included) and fill with warm water. Spray onto jewelry or apply to a soft cloth and
    wipe clean for stunning results!

Box of 10

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in