GemOro UltraSpa


Combination Ultrasonic and Steam Cleaner

The ingenious UltraSpa™ is a professional quality machine that provides ultimate cleaning results for sparkling diamonds, gold, silver, platinum jewelry, metal watch bands and more. Totally in a class by itself, the UltraSpa has both powerful ultrasonic cleaning and high-pressure steam cleaning in a single appliance. With a two-stage cleaning process, scrub dirt and grime with intense ultrasonic sound waves and then with the steamer blast away hidden dirt and the remaining residue from all hard to reach areas with amazing results like no other jewelry cleaner – period!

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  • The world’s only personal-sized combination ultrasonic and steam cleaner delivers a professionally thorough cleaning process for the ultimate results
  • Use our highly effective technology to effortlessly scrub your jewelry and metal watch bands in the ultrasonic tank. Then quickly blast away any remaining residue and hidden build-up with a sanitizing burst of steam.
  • Steam sanitizes, removing harmful germs and bacteria from your jewelry, metal watchbands as well as many other common household items.
  • Both use regular tap water, however the ultrasonic cleaning process may be enhanced by adding our Sparkle Pak Plus cleaning solution to the water-filled tank
  • The GemOro UltraSpa professional dual-action cleaning system comes with a steam residue mat, measuring fill cup, jewelry holding tweezers, and 2 sizes of handheld mesh baskets that both store in a clever rear compartment
  • Convenient easy lift handles for moving and storage compartments for accessories
  • Compact size conveniently fits on counters and stores underneath for ease of use
  • 1 Year limited replacement warranty

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 13 in